Milwaukee Newspaper Guild 2016-’17 Leadership


Elected leaders

Executive Board

  • President: Tom Silverstein
  • First Vice President: Emily Ristow
  • Second Vice President: Katie O’Connell
  • Secretary: Tom Content
  • Treasurer: Bob Friday
  • Board member: Ben Steele

Appointed Leaders

Steward Leader

  • Tom Content

Milwaukee Newspaper Guild 2015-’16 Committees

Grievance and Representation Committee

  • Chair: Ashley Luthern
  • Posting and Exclusions Coordinator: vacant
  • Wage Data Coordinator: Dave Umhoefer
  • Benefits Coordinator: Mike Johnson
  • Other members: Steward Leaders

Communications Committee

  • Chair: Emily Ristow
  • Newsletter Editor: Jen Steele
  • Webmaster: Emily Ristow
  • Technology Coordinator: Vacant
  • Other members: Tom Content

Membership and Mobilizing Committee

  • Chair: Vacant
  • Other members: Ashley Luthern, Steward Leaders

Other Committees

  • Health and Safety: Annysa Johnson (coordinator)
  • Human Rights: vacant (coordinator)
  • Social: Katie O’Connell (chair)
  • Good and Welfare: Gina Barton (chair)

2016-’17 Steward System

If you work in: Your steward is:
Metro News Mark Johnson or Annysa Johnson
Business News Rick Romell
Columnists / Editorial and Watchdog Kevin Crowe
Features / Entertainment Mary Louise Schumacher
Sports (downtown / Green Bay journalists) Jeff Maillet
Sports Desk Mark Hart
Copy Desk Dan Kwas
Design / Graphics / Photo Rick Wood
JSOnline Emmett Prosser