Fifty-One: Newsletter archive

November 2016: Mobilizing effort to support bargaining; Members elect officers for 2016-'17; Changes to insurance coming under Gannett; Milwaukee, Sheboygan guilds approve merger; Gannett layoffs show what we're facing April 2016: Spring social; Journal Sentinel now part of Gannett; Guild to provide training courses; Make sure Dayforce is working for you; Guild offers lifetime status for former members; New leadership elected to executive board; UWM student to receive Don Walker Scholarship; We can keep the Journal Sentinel strong November/December 2015: Membership meeting; Holiday party; Gannett sale means more changes coming; Guild kicks off Don Walker Scholarship; Watch your check: Pay period, payday have changed; Steward system updated to reflect staffing; We are what makes the newspaper great June/July 2015: Membership meeting; Wanted: Webmaster; JMG era begins for Journal Sentinel; No Guild members leave in latest buyout; New faces in the newsroom; System again working to file for differential pay; Guild members gather for spring social; Don Walker made newspaper, us better February/March 2015: Contract vote; Shareholder vote; Don’t work for free; Contract agreement reached, vote set; Executive Board member elected, Jan Uebelherr: What the union meant to me; 2 top newsroom managers leave Journal Sentinel; Not enough known to endorse merger September/October 2014: Membership meeting; Journal Sentinel to be spun off in deal; Bargaining delayed after announcement; New leaders to be selected at annual meeting; No wage increase announced for this year; Newsroom departures lead to staffing shuffle; Company considers switching parking garages; We're seeking answers, input on spinoff May/June 2014: Company shares quarterly data, updates; 3 leave newsroom in latest buyout; Contract bargaining set to begin this summer; Guild moves out of Germania office building; Newsroom gets in the holiday spirit; It’s not ‘the union’ it’s ‘our union’ December 2013/January 2014: Wellness activity deadline approaching; 2 new officers elected to executive board; Guild members raise $1,300 for United Way; Newsroom gives gifts to cafeteria staff; Food and fun served up at Guild fall party; It’s time we share in company’s success August 2013: Membership meeting; Part-time parking rate established; Newsroom suffers losses; Guild celebrates spring with fish fry; Guild ensures interns get paid March/April 2013: Membership meeting; Fish fry set for April 18; Deal reached on cellphone reimbursement; Incident raises night safety concerns; Health insurance premiums up for new plan year; Freelance column sparks ethics debate November/December 2012: Membership meeting; Wellness activity deadline approaching; 3 new officers elected to executive board; Guild agrees to temps for projects; Health care help available for part-timers; Celebrate the holidays with the Guild; 2 members fill vacant steward positions; Our Guild community is thriving August/September 2012: Annual meeting; Choosing a phone plan; Contract signed, raises coming soon; New leaders to be selected at meeting; Contract status uncertain if newspaper sold; We must stand up for our rights February/March 2012: Membership meeting; United we bargain. Divided we beg; Execs’ severance cited in bargaining; Schumacher, Amur take new posts; Guild members donate $2,000 to United Way; Grievance filed over multimedia photographer job; Guild invites Santa, not Scrooge; It’s time we make our frustration known October/November 2011: Membership meeting; Contract bargaining off to a tough start; Health care changes; Six depart in most recent downsizing; Members chosen for leadership positions; We won't take 'no' for an answer August/September 2011: Membership meeting; Time to vote for Guild executive board; New website, phone number; Wages, job security, benefits on the table; News in brief; We’re bargaining for what’s fair April/May 2011: Contract bargaining to begin in June; Treasurer post up for vote at May 17 meeting; Pay restoration strays from expectation; Guild celebrates hard work with fish fry; New Guild committee recognizes life events; Newsroom wins third Pulitzer in four years; Executive pay jumps as we fight for 6.6% Jan/Feb 2011: Vacation agreement grants 2 more days; Newsroom staffing rebounds a bit; Health care deadlines; New appointments; TVA time must be used before the end of this year; Guild gets festive with holiday party, food; New vacation not a restoration of pay Fall/Winter 2010: Silverstein elected Guild president; Membership meeting; Guild fighting for wage restoration; Company freezes pension benefit accrual; We shared the pain, now restore our pay Fall 2010: It's time to elect new Guild leadeship; Picnic set for Sept. 12; Bonuses paid; wage restoration sought; Bargaining unit less than half its post-merger size; News in brief; I'm handing over the reins to a new president Summer 2010: New Guild contract in place; Fall picnic; Grievances settled for laid-off staffers; Extra pay period hides executives' salary cut; News in brief; Seven staffers win Press Club awards; A new contract, a new beginning Fall 2009: Layoff-related grievances continue; New Guild leadership selected; Contract bargaining slowed by downsizing; Picnic unites past, present members; We're ready for what 2010 will bring Summer 2009: Buyout, layoff take a third of Guild staff; Save the date; Picnic with the Guild; Several board positions open after cuts; Contract negotiations moving slowly; Membership rate near top; News in brief; Dark days and hopes for a brighter future April/May 2009: After delay, contract bargaining back on; Rally set for 25th anniversary; Guild membership exceeds 70% of newsroom; Clearing up confusion on personal days; News in brief; Some good news came out of vote January/February 2009: No new contract as negotiations stall; Members, unite and meet; Company aims to block alternative board slate; Sick Leave ordinance would affect JS employees; News in brief; Contract includes more than just pay October/November 2008: Agreements set on training, other issues; 3 new members elected to board; Save the date: Membership meeting; Our newsroom continues to shrink; Party honors co-workers who took buyout; I'm taking on a new role, and so can you August/September 2008: Buyout shrinks newsroom by 24; Pearson takes over as Local 51 president; Save the date: Membership meeting; Contract bargaining progresses amid buyout; Tunkieicz says goodbye to newspapers; 2 Guild leaders left between buyouts; Guild, company settle over MKE jobs Spring/Summer 2008 : MKE to cease publication; 5 jobs eliminated; Bargaining on new contract set to begin; Getting a raise 101; Guild FAQ: Intern pay; Lunzer elected president of The Newspaper Guild/CWA; Heinen wins Milwaukee Press Club award; Keeping up with changes takes training February/March 2008 : Guild wins case on retirement plans; settles case on health care benefits; Butler appointed as a steward leader; Newspaper Guild Candidate Q&A: Linda Foley; Newspaper Guild Candidate Q&A: Bernie Lunzer November/December 2007 : 22 newsroom employees depart in Journal Sentinel buyout; Guild looks for strength in numbers; Save the date; Guild members named to new posts; Press Club contest; International guild candidates speak at forum; Column: We're here to help in time of change September/October 2007 : Guild keeps you up to date on buyout; New president, other board members elected; Save the date; Trip planned to Chicago meeting; Race develops for international chair; You've earned vacation, take it; Pension disputed in arbitration; 2 management positions cut; Column: Hitting the ground runnings August 2007: Older employees receive smaller pay raises and bonuses, study says; When do I get that week of vacation?; Guild will elect new president, other positions; More leaders enter international races; Arbitration set in 2 cases; Smooth sailing; Column: Make, keep union strong for all of us June/July 2007: Race for international president heats up; Three fill roles; As work shifts to CNI, Guild files grievance; Set sail, socialize on Aug. 18; Talks begin on excluded jobs, Web postings; Omission from April/May 2007 newsletter; Effort to bring union representation to CNI stalls; Guild Briefing; Column: Why join a union? For starters, to have a voice April/May 2007: Credit union to move near Burnham; 8 staff members take home Press Club awards; Column: Take a closer look at Guild dues, political campaigns; Guild helps locked-out workers at Toledo Blade; Guild wishes Spangler well March 2007: First Responder program quietly dies; Departure opens two posts; Deadline for CWA scholarships nears; Board seeks arbitration in cases; Members will meet March 27 February 2007: Number of newsroom managers drops; What a catch! Health care error could have been costly; Take advantage of union perks; Guild sponsors record number of Press Club entries January 2007: Salaries increase with start of new year; Retiree benefits grievance filed; pension case continues; Don’t forget to use TVA, vacation; Column: Help save the Star, preserve civic identity December 2006: Guild settles TVA grievance; Guild member sought to serve on cafeteria panel; Agreement reached on MKE managers’ bargaining-unit work; Column: Company’s lack of commitment shows October/November 2006: Guild elects members to lead; Date set for steward training; Column: Let’s see some health care encouragement, not fliers August/September 2006: Guild to elect new Executive Board; Local 51 files grievance over vacation payout; Column: Contract helps ensure fairness in newsroom; Talking It Out: MKE managers’ bargaining-unit under review; SAY CHEESE: Sending a message in Toledo; Stewards will train in October; Company, Guild to negotiate pension changes; 4 members take on new tasks June/July 2006: New Guild ethics policy calls for honesty, attribution and protection for sources; Guild studying pension changes; Column: Round-the-clock news cycle means various new challenges for journalists; Be careful with your e-mail; Please try to sign up again for Guild blog updates; Impact mixed for worker’s compensation change; Next Guild membership meeting is September 18, make sure to come and vote for your leadership; Hetzner and Mark Johnson elected to Guild board. April/May 2006: Journal Sentinel management hints at reduction of 5 to 10 newsroom jobs; Bob Helbig, longtime Executive Board member, leaves Guild for management; Column: As the world turns, we must be prepared to be ready for the future of newspapers; Please sign up again for Guild blog updates; Finally, management dishes out 2005 bonuses; Congratulations to prize-winning Guild members March 2006: Second quarter brings weekend changes; company changes late-night schedule; How much was your 2005 merit bonus?; More equity awards go to unit members; newsroom’s old and young left behind; Family and Medical Leave Act update February 2006: With the new contract pay rates in place, last year’s discretionary bonuses remain; Guild acts as the watchdog protecting members in disputes with management; Can’t get enough Guild news?; Company will pay up to 75% of your higher-ed fees; Column: Does it really make sense to punish the reporters who went to see Springsteen?; If you like to eat lunch, help us out January 2006: Members approve 2005-08 contract; JS agrees on severance for two part-time reporters; Column: Contract was the best deal we could get; Let's Party: Social Events December 2005 Update: Membership votes to ratify contract December 2005: Tentative contract agreement reached, vote planned November 2005: Management’s elimination of part-timers violates economic downsizing definition; Guild members elect same leadership for new year